3D Printing Services

Bringing Prototypes to Life

Rapid prototyping is a cutting-edge process that can save your business time and money. With the aid of a 3D printer, PTI can quickly fabricate a physical object from your product's virtual fingerprint. Using data from the CAD drawings, the 3D printer creates layer upon layer from successive coats of material to literally build up the physical object. Rapid prototyping offers an effective way to quickly see a designed object in physical form and evaluate it for design changes or or validation.

PTI utilizes a Stratasys Fortus 250mc 3D Printer, which uses production-grade ABSplus thermoplastic to generate 3D objects. Using this type of quality material means that the durability and appearance of your prototypes will be very similar to your ultimate finished products. Often, 3D objects can be produced within a few hours for your use and evaluation.