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Precision Technologies provides wire EDM services in the northern and southern Ohio region. Wire EDMs can cut complex and precise parts. The wire EDM process erodes conductive materials leaving a smooth surface down to 10RMS and a part accuracy within +,- .0001". Wire EDMs don’t make chips, they burn away metal with a continual feed of electrically charged brass wire that vaporizes the conductive material regardless of its hardness. When the wire approaches the workpiece, sparks will fly. The heat from the spark reaches 10,000 degrees fahrenheit and melts the conducted material away. Deionized water surrounds the wire and flushes away the eroded particles from the spark gap. There’s no tool force on the wire because the wire never touches the workpiece.

Wire EDM Capabilities
Our wire EDMs are used to produce product tooling, fixtures, gauges, dies/molds, medical implants and instrumentation. Since our machines Our Wire EDM machines have glass scales with 0.1µm resolution, they can produce hig precision parts. We can cut an array of conductive materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, copper, titanium, inconel, carbide, and graphite. Additional capabilities includes 4 axis work, 30 degree taper and since we are also a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, we can inspect your parts with our CMM machines.

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